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Phone: +49 (030) 756 509 11

Address: Schildhornstrasse 10a, 12163 Berlin-Steglitz



Thai Traditional Massage

Thai massage is practiced for centuries in Thailand traditionally as a healing method. It is a combination of acupressure, energy work and yoga-like stretching exercises. Thai massage releases blockages, activates the energy channels and provide the emotional and restore physical balance. Thai massage can be used both for health care than are applied to regenerate.

Oil-/ Aroma Oil Massage

Oil massage and aromatherapy have their origin in the Western world. At Piangdao, oil massage techniques generally are combined with Thai massage techniques to release physical tension and to achieve deep relaxation.

Foot Massage

The Thai foot massage is a relaxing massage. It stimulates the internal organs of the body via reflex points on the foot. A foot massage helps relieve stress and regain your energy and has a revitalizing and refreshing effect.


Note: A regular massage at Piangdao contains elements from all above massage techniques. We do not offer any erotics.



Full body massage:

  30 minutes: 30 €
  45 minutes: 40 €
  60 minutes: 50 €
  90 minutes: 75 €
120 minutes: 95 €


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